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What is preventing you from accessing your account?

Common Problems

Usernames are case sensitive must be typed exactly as they were created. For example, jim, Jim, JiM and JIM are all different usernames.

You can always make sure that you typing in the right username by sending yourself a reminder email. You can do this by selecting the 'I forgot my user name' above. We suggest that you reset your password as well if you followed these steps and are still unable to sign in.

Check to see if cookies are disabled on your device, or blocked for in your browser settings. Sometimes having restrictions enabled on your phone can at times interfere with logging in.

Still not working? Contact your public witnessing contact or another volunteer participating in the program near you.

Not to worry, your scheduler or location overseer can provide you with this information.

If your account has been disabled please contact your local oversight for further information.

Simply go back to the login page, and click 'Register' for instructions.

Only those invited can register and set up an account.

If you have registered for Locust, and still have not received an email for further instructions to create a username and password, please follow the steps below:

  1. Check your junk/spam mail. Your email provider may have filtered it as junk/spam by accident.
  2. Contact your scheduler or location oversight to confirm your email is correct in Locust. If your email had to be modified, please register again with the new email address.

This can happen for two reasons.

  1. You already registered. Please see "Where is my registration email?" , OR simply send a username reminder / password reset to yourself.
  2. Someone else has already registered with that email.

    Only one email can be used for each user. If you know who is using that email already, ask them to help you register through the same link and instructions that was emailed to them. You will still need to have another email address ready in order to complete your registration process.

If you are still having issues registering or logging on please contact the local public witnessing oversight. They will be able to connect you with personal assistance.

If your question was not addressed above please write in to our official support team. However, any questions regarding, login, registration, scheduling or disabled accounts can only be addressed by your local public witnessing group. For help with those matters please contact them directly.